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Interview Coaching

Our interview coaching is designed with one outcome… to help you shine during the interview process.

Most of us head into interviews knowing that we could easily do the job, we just need the opportunity to demonstrate that. Employers use the interview process to identify who would be the best candidate for the job, as they cannot afford the time to give everyone hands-on experience before they hire. Therefore, it is so important to make that right impression in the 40-50 minutes that you’re likely to be interviewed.

Most people only get one shot, and rarely is there a prize for coming second. That’s why we started Winning Interviews; to help people who really want to succeed, succeed.

Investing in yourself is probably the most important thing you can do throughout your life; it helps you achieve the goals that really matter to you, both in work and outside of work.

Mock Interviews

One of the most useful aspects of coaching uses rehearsals as a form of training ourselves to perform at our best when the real thing comes round.

Interviews are no different.

In fact, we’d bet that you have spent the day before worrying about what might happen (we say that because we used to feel the same earlier on in our careers). Instead of spending time worrying, use the time to practice with a mock interview. On occasion you may want to do that with a friend or family member, but we’re also here to help if you need us.

Presentation Coaching

Turn a daunting prospect into something you really enjoy.

A presentation in front of strangers can be a stressful experience, doubly so if you are not sure how to deliver the content which you’ve been asked to speak about.

We have all seen amazing speakers present in front of auditoriums full of people who are hanging on their every word. So why can’t we do the same?

The truth is we all can.

Regardless of the size of your audience (2 senior executive or 2,000 potential customers), Winning Interviews can give you the skills and training that will not only help you present with confidence, but will also ensure that the folk facing up at you are confident in what you are presenting.

Online Interview coaching

Our most popular coaching is done online, and that’s because it’s super flexible and very affordable.

Using Zoom, we’re able to conduct all our online coaching exactly where and when it suits you, even if you need some last-minute coaching on the morning of your interview day.

We’re a very friendly, helpful and supportive group of coaches and we think you’ll like us!

Final Stage Interview Coaching

Once you're through to the final round of a recruitment process, the final interview is usually the final hurdle to overcome to land the job.  Typically there are only 2-3 candidates still in the running and naturally everyone is going all out to be person who makes the best impression.

At this stage in the interview process you will have almost certainly decided that you really want the job, and you've invested considerable time, energy and effort into getting this far.  The summit is in sight and we're here to help you reach the top.  If you want to position yourself as the preferred candidate, then a final interview coaching session might fit the bill

Assessment Centre Coaching

Assessment centres are one of the most unpredictable part of any recruitment process and whilst the chances are you've been given an indication of what to expect, it is often only the tip of the iceberg.

Our founder, Iain Beaumont, had spent a great deal of time studying how assessment centres really help organisations during the selection process and it's an area which he is able to give a deep insight into.

The longest assessment centre Iain ever undertook was in his early 20's when he started selection to get a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  The process was over a total of 5-days and as a consequence, there is little about the world of assessments that Iain doesn't know about.

In case you were wondering, he passed and spent 6 years as a commissioned officer in the British Army.