Additional Services & Support

Presentation coaching

A key aspect of most businesses requires members of the team to be able to deliver information in a clear, concise and engaging manner.  When it comes to presenting to a senior leadership team, or members of staff who report to you, it is incredibly important to instil confidence and professionalism from the very moment you take the floor.

If the idea of standing in front of a large group of people fills you with dread and anxiety, our coaching is designed to help alleviate those feeling and give you the confidence and skills that will help you deliver a truly fantastic presentation.

These are just some of the areas which we can support you with:

  • How to structure you presentation and use visual aides effectively
  • Your method of delivery
  • Speech, timing and vocabulary
  • How to combat nervousness and anxiety
  • Using language to instil confidence and integrity
  • How to really engage with your audience
  • How to deal with questions and give confident, measured responses
  • How you can use technology to support your presentations
Assessment centre coaching

If you are called to an assessment centre as part of a recruitment process, the chances are you are in with a good shot of securing the job.  After all, running an assessment process is quite expensive and a firm will therefore only invite the very best candidates to partake.

Typically, an assessment centre will contain several different elements which are designed to see how you perform in a variety of situations.  These may include group discussions, individual role play exercises, financial assessments and a formal interview

Throughout your time at an assessment centre your performance, aptitude and social awareness will all be measured.  To help candidates perform at their very best we offer the following coaching support:

  • How you can make a positive impact from the outset
  • How to perform in a group setting and interact with your fellow candidates
  • How to show leadership, support and professionalism in each different situation
  • How to tackle role play exercises and prepare for different scenarios
  • How and when to engage with the centre staff
A range of support

Our focus on interview coaching extends to helping people prepare for assessment centres and presentations, both of which are becoming more important to employers during their recruitment process.  Our service includes support geared towards your preparation, presentation techniques and soft skills such as communication, group interaction and speech.

Online flexibility

All our online interview coaching is conducted over Skype or Zoom at a time and place most convenient to you.  Simply select the appointment that best works with your schedule (this can include early morning, late evening and at weekends at no extra) and we'll take care of the rest.

Booking guarentee

We operate with complete transparency and flexibility, that's why we can offer a no-quibble cancellation promise on all our services.  You can change your mind up to 24hrs before your scheduled appointment and you will receive a full refund, no ifs, no buts.

An outstanding record

Without a doubt, this is our core value that underpins what we do.  We wouldn't feel confident being able to offer our coaching if we couldn't demonstrate success.  We have an excellent track record when it comes to helping people build the skills and aptitude that they require to beat the competition.  We want to give the same success to you.

How it works

All our services are available to book online at a time convenient to you and you are free to choose between individual offerings or our excellent value for money enhanced services.

Once you have selected a service, you'll be directed to an online scheduling platform where you will be able to select an appointment which works best for you.  Once you have chosen your ideal time, you'll be able to pay via our secure, online payment gateway.  It really is that simple!

Your appointment

Once you have booked your coaching session via our scheduling page, you'll receive all the details you require to get online.  In advance of your coaching you will be able to send over your CV and any other material which you would like us to look over to help focus our coaching session together.

During your coaching sessions we'll help by giving you the skills, tools and attributes to make a positive impact during the interview process.  There will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have, too.

Why do we produce winners?

There is no single entity which makes people perform better than others, but taking the time to invest in yourself dramatically improves results.  By looking closely at the core reasons why hiring managers select new employees, we are able to help coach people to put themselves in the position where they become the preferred candidate for the job, over everyone else.

Industry knowledge95%
Understanding how interviews really work100%